July 6, 2020

Dear Students, Parents, Staff and Community,

You have probably seen the Re-entry Guidance published June 20, 2020, by the NM Public Education Department @: and

These linked documents contain a series of recommendations and requirements addressing all areas of school reopening, including transportation, meals, instruction, and the health and safety of both students and staff.

The recommendations do not necessarily constitute the reopening plan for the West Las Vegas EHS/Head Start Program.  The West Las Vegas School Board of Education and Policy Council are working closely with administration to design a local plan that takes the Re-entry Guidance and Health Plan Practices into account which also considers our building capacity, parent input, and the infection rates in San Miguel County and its surrounding regions.

Parents please submit your survey either online or pick up a paper copy from Ms. Annette Maestas.  For those interested in submitting on-line you can also access the survey below.

We are currently exploring several re-entry options, including (1) the Full-Reentry Model which utilizes available space to bring all students back to school, while still complying with social distancing and face mask guidelines; or (2) the Hybrid Model which is designing an AB schedule in which students report to school in combination of some in-person days/weeks and some online/remote days/weeks where teachers deliver learning packet and essential items; or

 (3)  The Remote Model where teachers only provide learning packets and essential items while students remain at home.

We will make accommodations for those students and staff at greater risk of infection due to underlying health conditions. It is our intent, when possible, to reenter using the Hybrid Model. However, at this point we do not have a specific assigned model by the State or know what the infection rate will be in August?  

Regardless of the Reentry Model implemented, students and staff members will be required to exercise daily preventative measures such as wearing masks, follow social distancing guidelines, and taking student and staff temperatures.  Any individual exhibiting symptoms of infection or illness will be isolated and sent home for treatment and remain in quarantine status as outlined in the Reentry Guidance and the DOH Guidelines.

Currently, we are in the process of creating a plan that will address operating safely, planning staggered schedules for remote learning and support, entry/exit of the buildings, procedures for meals, signage reminders for social distancing and traffic, establishing health screening procedures, and training staff to practice hygiene and sanitation measures while in the buildings, etc. 

While the uncertainty is frustrating, please know that our goal is and always will be to resume full-entry for our students, staff, and their families once it safe for everyone to do so.  For further in depth guidance and precautions please refer to the links provided.


John Bustos

EHS/Head Start Director

2020- 2021 Return to School Survey