About Us
At the West Las Vegas Head Start, we specialize in understanding the needs and development of preschool-age children, and we are there for both children and parents. We provide a quality preschool experience that is unparalleled.

blocksThrough the eyes of a preschool child, the world is a mysterious place filled with magic and wonder. Life revolves around play, exploration and imagination. They are quickly learning what they like and what they don’t like, and just who makes them feel safe. It is a special time of life. It is a time you should cherish.

Life for the parents of preschool age children isn’t so romantic. They often spend their days running on too little sleep while coping with an endless string of questions from a child with seemingly boundless energy. It is wonderful watching your child grow into a little person, but it is also a bit unsettling.

You have a child filled with potential, curiosity and capacity for achievement, but you also worry for them. Are they ready for the world? Can they keep up?

Developing little minds

A child’s brain isn’t fully developed at birth; it continues to develop and grow throughout preschool years. Some activities are helpful to development and some are harmful. At the West Las Vegas Head Start, we are trained to know the difference and give your child challenges, activities and limits that are appropriate for their stage of development.

Because getting them ready for school is more than just combing their hair and brushing their teeth.

Developing social skills

At Head Start, your child will be surrounded by other children in a controlled and safe environment as they learn valuable life lessons like sharing, taking turns, respect, and dealing with frustration. Our staff can begin teaching your child lessons and establishing positive behaviors that will be with your child for a lifetime.

Developing little bodies

In Head Start, playground equipment, toys, puzzles, games, activities and even nutrition are tailored to helping your child develop physically, including those with special needs. Head Start children are served nutritious food as well as given a checkup by a Doctor and a Dentist. Each child’s progress, coordination and agility are measured and monitored.

Preparation for School

Preparing a child for school is more than just counting, learning colors, and learning the alphabet. By carefully choosing activities, Head Start staff can promote positive development toward logic, memory and conceptual skills so they are ready for reading, writing and arithmetic.

Exploring the world around them

Preschool age children can be exhausting, and just keeping up can leave you too tired to find activities which are fun, interesting, and still beneficial to their development. At Head Start, both you and your children get to participate in a myriad of activities and even get to take trips to interesting places.

Commitment to Quality

The staff, facilities and teaching tools at the West Las Vegas Head Start program are exceptional with a high percentage of their funds going to the classrooms, technical advancements and instructor training. The staff is fully certified and the most recent Federal Audit gave the program perfect marks…something rarely achieved in Head Start programs anywhere. If anyone can help prepare your child for school, it is the West Las Vegas Head Start Program.