Dear Parents,
As director, allow me to introduce you to our West Las Vegas Head Start and Early Head Start programs where we care for our San Miguel County’s smallest members. The program includes pregnant women, infants, infant-toddlers, toddlers, three and four year olds. And all free to eligible low income families! Our Head Start and Early Head Start programs are federally-funded with the sole purpose of promoting school readiness. Its eligible enrolled children receive social and cognitive development through educational, health, nutritional, social and other services. We also serve children with special needs, such as physical and developmental delays or homelessness In Early Head Start, we serve twelve (12) pregnant mothers and twenty-four (24) families with children under the ages of 3 years old. As for our Head Start Program, we are funded to serve one hundred forty (140) children between 3 and 4 years of age. These programs encourage parent involvement through two scheduled home visits and two parent/teacher conferences as opportunities for parents to volunteer in the program. Head Start and Early Head Start programs also assist in linking children and families to other services in the community. Head Start, Early Head Start, and the Pregnant Mother programs are operated by the West Las Vegas School District which is the grantee for all of San Miguel County. Children who attend these programs participate in various educational activities at three different sites (Tony Serna Center, Early Childhood Center, and Montezuma Center). Children in the program receive some free medical and dental care services, are served healthy meals and snacks, enjoy playing/learning indoors and outdoors, yet all while in a safe setting. Our ultimate goal for the programs is to help all participating children receive a head-start in their education.
John Bustos, Director